Attract Local Searchers with Local SEO

Create A Google Business Page

A well optimized Google Business Page will certainly bring a lot of new prospects to your business. Adding detailed business profile of your business and frequent updates to the page can help show up your business details in front of the local searchers around your shop.

  • We create a business page for you

  • Optimize it with detailed and relevant description of your business

  • We select the right category for your business

  • Customers can add review, so it will enhance the credibility of your business.

  • The review link can be shared with your new customers

  • Frequent updates will be done on your page.

  • Monthly promotion of the page if required.

  • Business details will be posted on other relevant local directories also

The Benefits:

Very ideal to get a lot of genuine local queries through GB listing/maps and high conversion at low cost.